Summer 2019
Berlin, Germany

One-by-One, Inc. is offering a new Dialogue Group experience for descendants of survivors, perpetrators liberators, rescuers, resisters, and bystanders of the Shoah and the Nazi Regime as well as those who were alive during this time.

The dialogue will take place this summer July 22-26 at Haus Schwanenwerder in the peaceful suburbs of Berlin Germany.  Following the dialogue group, members are welcome to stay for weekend activities designed to match the interests of the participants.

The dialogue group is a safe environment in which descendants of all sides have the opportunity to address the question, “How has the Holocaust and/or the Nazi Regime impacted your life and that of your family?” Participants bear witness to the truth of their life experiences and those of the other members.  Many previous group members have reported that they felt transformed by partaking in this group process.

The dialogue group facilitators are trained group leaders who are also descendants of the Holocaust or the Nazi Regime.  Please feel free to contact us:

Dr. Wilma Busse  Wilma.busse@gmail.com  (USA)
Dr. Martina Emme  martina@emme-berlin.de (Germany)
Rosalie Gerut, M.A. rosaliege@comcast.net (USA)

One-by-One, Inc. is a 501© non-profit organization incorporated in 1995 and has been offering Dialogue Groups since 1996.


Single room 5 nights – 445 euros/$508
Additional weekend stay - no cost
Meals for the week 285 euros/$326 per person
Total - $834 for room and board
Air fare - additional cost

Participants are encouraged to raise funds if needed.

One of our previous participants raised community funds by offering to keep a blog and give public presentations upon return. This worked out extremely well.

Please reach out with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!