Though the scope of our organization is small, we are uniquely qualified for this work. Our bi-annual conferences consist of several days of presentations, workshops, experiential sharing groups and time together to provide a source of inspiration and courage for others going through similar experiences.

Dialogue is one of the best tools we have for peace building; for preventing future violence and helping the increasing number of people worldwide who are suffering from the aftermath of war, genocide and displacement.

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transforming the legacies of conflict, war and genocide through dialogue

Keynote Speaker: Joseph Sebarenzi
November 13-17, 2006

Former head of the Rwanda Parliament, he has endured tragedy most of us cannot fathom. He lost both parents, seven siblings, and numerous other relatives in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Yet, years later, as a senior government official in a position to exact revenge, he instead pushed for peace and reconciliation. "Revenge is like adding guilt to victimhood. It solves nothing. At some point, we have to ignore the past and envision the future."

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rememberance and responsibility

November 8-12, 2004

One by One's Bi-Annual Conference took place at the Wannsee Forum in Berlin, with over 60 participants from Germany and the U.S. attending various workshops and events.

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