We are the Descendants

The founders of One-by-One include descendants of victims, perpetrators and bystanders of the Shoah and the Nazi Regime as well as those who were adults during this era. Over time, our dialogue work has reached people who have been suffering from the fallout of conflict, war and genocide  in different parts of the world as well as concerned individuals who have supported our transformative dialogue efforts.

Our Mission

One by One seeks out the humanity in each of us as we listen with compassion to one another's stories of pain, guilt, anguish, loss and fear. As the stories resound within us, the burdens are lightened and we begin to transform the impact of our legacies, offering hope to future generations.  R G.


We must, if we are to call ourselves human, grapple with the myriad lessons that war and genocide call upon us to learn... Perhaps we, the descendants of the Holocaust and the Nazi Regime, are the students as well as the teachers whose responsibility it is to transform ourselves and the world, one by one.
— Rosalie G. daughter of Shoah survivors

What We've Achieved

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our many members, we have been very successful!