The dialogue group scheduled for this summer in Berlin, Germany has been postponed.
We are looking forward to being together again in 2020.

Meeting on the Bridge

We are the descendants of those who endured and survived the atrocities of the Nazi Regime.

We are the descendants of the perpetrators and bystanders from one of the most evil chapters in human history.

One by One is a non-profit organization founded by people whose lives have been deeply affected by the Holocaust and the Nazi Regime. Our membership is multi-generational and over time, One by One has been helpful to people whose lives have been impacted by genocide, war and conflict in other parts of the world.

One by one we seek out the humanity in each other as we listen with compassion to one another’s stories of pain, guilt, anguish, loss and fear. As the stories resonate within us, the burdens are lightened and we begin to transform the impact of our legacies, offering hope to future generations.
— RG


Our current projects include a documentary entitled
How the Light Gets In and a book entitled Journeys of Transformation.

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The vision of One by One is to share the benefits of our work with others. Please join our cause through spreading the word or sending a donation, and help the work move forward!

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